Yuko Ishikawa


The Jazz universe has definitely expanded and reached this corner of the world.

Just off the beaten path is a jazz corner that houses a place where believers in the order of the blue note go to make their pilgrimage to get their regular anointing.

Cebu City is home to Jazz n' Bluz - the sanctuary of improvisation in this central Philippine paradise.

Jazz n' Bluz dishes out a regular menu of jazz and standards by a roster of gifted Filipino musicians weathered by stints abroad on board cruise lines or other joints in various corners of the world... now home for good and to play the good music that both they and jazz fans enjoy. Occassional visits by jazz artists or celebrities with an affinity for the music do happen from time to time, giving an unexpected delight to the regulars of Jazz n' Bluz

So, please drop in. Enjoy the music. Savor the food. Nurse your favorite drink.

You're home. At Jazz n' Bluz

Jazz n' Bluz food

One more reason to visit Jazz n' Bluz is for a truly memorable gastronomical experience. There are restaurants, and there are restaurants, and Jazz n' Bluz is a great bar, with great music and delicious food.

For a truly memorable entree, pick on the Jazz n' Bluz kinilaw - a classy remake of this Visayan rendition of ceviche - raw fish slices, marinated in a combination of citric juices, fresh spices and other herbs that open the tastebuds to more wonderful experiences down the line.

Or try the Scallops au gratin - fresh scallops smothered in a mushroom white sauce, served with neat chunks of freshly baked bread approaching a delicate focaccia presentation.

There are many delicious options to choose from, including a well prepared steak, crispy wonton fries, and many savory pasta options.

The chefs of Jazz n' Bluz draw from experiences in hotels and resorts that gave them the familiarity in food preparation that expatriate visitors look for, which is why Jazz n' Bluz is notable as a restaurant as well as a jazz bar.

To leave Jazz n' Bluz without sampling their delicious desserts would be a great disservice to ones self.? Their version of the classic tiramisu is nothing like the original with ladyfingers and mascarpone, but the way they revised it has many a sweet tooth satiated - both young and old alike.? The Crepes Samurai is just as heavenly.? And both go well with an appropriate cup of coffee to help you keep awake after such a pleasurable meal.

This is one of the best reasons to keep coming back to Jazz n' Bluz.

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